A One-Chick Nest

One chick in the 2015 nest

One chick in the 2015 nest

Just when we think we know what will happen on our Eagle Cam nest, we get a surprise. During the 11 years that we’ve been broadcasting from this nest, we’ve always had at least two eaglets in residence in a given season, but this year it looks like we’ll have just one.

Because we’re having issues with the camera in the tree (and we can’t fix it while the chick is small and needs protection from its parent), we have to make an educated guess as to when the hatching happened. Based on our observations and what we were hearing from cam watchers, as well as volunteers at the Refuge, here is our scorecard.

  • 1st egg laid: 1/7
    Hatch: 2/15
  • 2nd egg laid: 1/10
    Hatch: 2/17 2/19 (died around 2/23)
  • 3rd egg laid: 1/13
    No hatch

Our third egg is very late and we don’t expect it to hatch. Even if it did, the chick would be so far behind the older chick, that the younger chick would probably have a hard time getting much during meal time, so it’s probably best that it not hatch now.

As for the second chick, he seemed to be doing well, and there was plenty of food, so we don’t know if the chick had health issues or maybe it was an issue with the cold, but he didn’t last long after hatching.

Rabbit in eagle nest

Rabbit in eagle nest

The remaining chick seems very active and is already visibly growing, and there has been plenty of food in the nest to feed it, despite the bad weather. We’ve seen multiple fish in the nest at one time, in addition to a duck or two, and a rabbit, which you can see in this photo.

So the good news is we have a chick to watch grow up and eventually fledge. And assuming our chick is healthy, he should have a good life in the nest, since the parents are excellent providers.

We’ll update the Gallery soon, but in the meantime, if you’d like to see some of the photos that were shared from the nest over the last week, be sure to check out our Facebook page. And thanks to all those who sent in images while we were trying to determine if the hatching was really happening.

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2 thoughts on “A One-Chick Nest

  1. greg butcher

    i live near the bush river area in Harford, county MD. n was wondering if those dam geese hunters pose a threat to the eagles i haven’t seen any eagles since they started this dam geese hunting n if their is any way of trying to stop the hunters. its crazy that people have to wake up to gunfire n no warning for just a couple hunters makes the dog go crazy n litter the river with geese or duck blinds n we also have some great blue herrings, red shoulder hawks,canadian geese, gulls the ossprey in the spring,if u could direct me to the right place to complain my #410-652-0765

    • Lisa

      Hi Greg,

      Your best bet might be to call the Harford County Wildife/Heritage Service Office. The number is on this MD DNR web page: http://www.eregulations.com/maryland/hunting/addresses-phone-numbers/. We do have hunting at Blackwater during certain parts of the year, and I’m sure the eagles might be startled by the shooting, but they do seem to deal with it. But I can understand your concern. It is odd for me to be at Blackwater and suddenly hear gun shots in the distance from shooting that happens on private lands around the refuge. At least our hunting on the refuge is only for a short period of time.

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