Younger Eaglet Feeding

We have some new videos to share of our two eaglets, and they include some interesting footage of our younger eaglet getting his share at mealtime. The younger chick has to be a little crafty and careful about picking his moments, so he doesn’t get bopped on the head, but as you can tell from these videos, he’s holding his own.

In this first video from March 18 (before we zoomed out the camera), the parent is feeding the chicks what looks like a mammal and passes a rather large piece — possibly with some bone — to the older chick, who struggles to swallow it. The younger chick takes advantage of this moment and grabs for the food. As you can see, the parents are good about taking food back and making it smaller if the eaglets struggle with swallowing it, and that’s what the parent does. But this gives the younger chick an opportunity to get more of the meal. Something else to note in this video is how big the older chick’s beak is getting, which you can see when he points his head up.

In the next video, the father eagle flies in with a fish, and then the mother lands and starts feeding the eaglets. The younger eaglet takes advantage of his position to grab some of the meal. Notice how big the older chick looks when compared to the adults. Also notice his big yellow talons, which are likely close to full size.

And in the final video, the mother eagle lands with a fish, and the younger eaglet gets a meal to himself. If you look closely, you might see a bit of black on the back of the younger eaglet and also on the wing tip of the older eaglet when he flaps at about 2:30 into the video. Those are pin feathers coming in on the youngsters. We’ll talk more about feather development in the next post.

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