First Eaglet

We wanted to offer a recap of our first hatching, which happened early on Saturday morning. We were expecting our first egg to hatch before this, but it’s possible our chicks might be arriving a bit late this year, since even the second chick is a bit behind schedule.

On Friday evening, we saw a small hole in one egg, which was the first noticeable pip by the chick. Also on Friday, our male brought a fish, which is usually a good sign that he thinks a chick is coming. And then about 6:40am on Saturday, cam watchers saw what looked like something moving in the glare from the infrared on the cam.

first eaglet hatching

As for our first eaglet, it looks healthy and strong. It was sitting up and eating about six hours after hatching, which was good to see. We also had a bit of excitement when not long after the chick hatched, the parent on the nest suddenly went into a defensive posture. We contacted the Refuge staff to see if they could tell what the problem was, and our ranger confirmed that some vultures were flying over the tree. Once the vultures left, our parent settled down.

eaglet's first meal

During the intruder alert, we might have had the VCR running at the Visitor Center, capturing the live video feed. If we did, we’ll look to see if we captured the parent’s actions on tape, and we’ll try to share it.

Speaking of video, one of our cam watchers was kind enough to put together an animated image sequence of our eaglet’s first meal, which we’re sharing here.

As for the second chick, on Saturday we thought we saw a small mark on at least one of the other eggs, so hopefully we’ll have a second chick soon.

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