An Afternoon with the Eaglets

Our two eaglets are doing well and they’re growing very fast.

We have a video from Sunday that shows some of the changes taking place. If you look closely in the video you’ll notice the chicks seem to have a light-colored cap on their heads — that’s the last bit of baby down they have remaining. On the rest of their bodies you’ll see their second coat of down coming in, and it’s darker in color. Also note that they seem to be scratching a lot — their pin feathers (first set of feathers) are slowly coming in, and it makes them itch. Soon you’ll see black areas developing on the chicks’ bodies — those will be the pin feathers getting larger.

In the video we also see a couple sessions of flapping as the chicks begin to exercise their wings for that special day in May or June when they’ll take their first flight. Also note their yellow feet. The feet will be among the first places on their bodies that grow to adult size, so soon they’ll have very large and awkward looking feet that will seem out of proportion to the rest of their bodies.

One cute sequence in the video shows a chick playing with a piece of cornstalk until Mom moves it out of the way. We see the chicks occasionally tending to the nest — moving grass and sticks around — which are skills they’ll one day use as adults when it’s their turn to tend to the nest.

While watching the cam on our website, we also caught another set of photos showing our father pitching in and helping with the meals. It’s nice to see him still helping out even with only two chicks.

Both parents feed the Blackwater Eagle Cam chicks

We wanted to pass along a technical note. Our new web cam software has a setting for uploading images to our web server, where we link to them from our web pages. That setting is not giving us the number of images we expect, which is why you sometimes see dropped images. We’re tweaking those settings and also the refresh rate on the cam pages — trying to find a sequence that works so there is an image on each refresh. We appreciate your patience as we fiddle with these settings in an effort to get a smooth performance on the cam pages.

Also, we wanted to thank those folks who have been sending in their photos from the cam. We’ll do a gallery update before Wednesday.

Until next time,
Lisa – webmaster
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